How to Disable Launchpad on Mac

Launchpad for macOS was introduced to help users to run the application quickly. You may arrange the Mac Launchpad easily, shift application icons, gather them together or delete an application that you may not be required any longer. It instinctively and clearly displays any app that is installed on Mac. Also, it provides the ability to arrange the application in the proper order to access apps easily that you may be required. If users need to switch off Launchpad because of any basis or to stop unintentionally open it in MacOS, they may switch off the function fully.

Because of several fast background Launchpad is the function in macOS which discovers the display of application icons, similar look as the iPhone or iPad. Launchpad may access by the gesture, F button, to launch an app from Application or Dock files. Several users find this functions useful whereas several users may not find it useful precisely when they are accessing Launchpad by the pinch gesture on the trackpad, by clicking on the F4 key or tapping on the app Dock option. If you need to disable the launchpad on Mac, then you are on the right post. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

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How to Disable Launchpad Gesture on Mac
  • Pull down the Apple section.
  • Navigate to the System Preferences.
  • Select the Trackpad option.
  • Press on More Gestures.
  • Find the Launchpad option in a gestures list then untick the box beside the Launchpad in order to stop pinch gesture of Launchpad on Mac.
  • Hit the System Preferences option.
  • It will then stop the Launchpad pinch feature. You may need to delete this app from Dock.

    How to Delete Launchpad from Mac Dock

    If you need to Delete Launchpad from Mac Dock, then you can follow the provided steps:

  • Tap then hold on the Launchpad icon.
  • Drag it from the stock.
  • Wait for some time for the Remove option to display.
  • Press Launchpad.
  • It will then delete Launchpad from Dock on Mac. Then you might be curious about modifying or deleting keyboard shortcut for the Launchpad on Mac.

    How to Remove or Change Launchpad Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

    If you wish to remove or change Launchpad Keyboard shortcut on Mac, then pursue the given instructions:

  • Pull down the Apple section.
  • Navigate to the System Preferences.
  • Head over to Keyboards.
  • Click on Shortcuts.
  • Tap on Launchpad and Dock.
  • Untick the box for the Show Launchpad to stop it or else press a keyboard shortcut to customize it in another way.
  • The procedure must be close to the one that has set the keyboard shortcut instead of making the new one you will modify or disable the present keystroke combination. Surely this will be geared to the disable Launchpad however if you do not need to switch off the function, and rather you like the feature and there are several Launchpad tricks that you may go through.

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