How to Make Group Worksheet in Excel

Microsoft Excel is the best tool to keep the entry of any kind of data in the group. You can create new data, edit previous data or modify the data by adding more details in the sheet. In Microsoft Excel, numerous cells, rows, and columns are available that you can use to create the desired data. You can edit or add new cells at the same time in the worksheet of Microsoft Excel. Making a group worksheet is not a tough thing, you just have to follow some simple steps. here is how you can easily create a perfect group worksheet in Microsoft Excel.

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Make Grouping of Multiple Worksheets in the Microsoft Excel

If you have several kinds of data and you want to keep all that together, then grouping the worksheet together is ideal for you. It will be easy for you if you understand the procedure of grouping from example with the name of school data. Three worksheets of listed students from different “Class A,” “Class B,” “Class C” following.

After combining all three worksheets, every action you make will be applied to each of them. By “inserting an IF formula” on the column (cells G4 to G12) is to see how many students were born in 1998 or 1999. Insert formula after combining the worksheet, and it will be applied on every cell of the entire three worksheets. You can combine the worksheet all three worksheets together by “tap and hold” the “Ctrl” key and “click” on all three worksheets that you want to get along.

After combining if you want to modify something, then you can do it by adding data in column H, and then every change will be applied to the other worksheet altogether. There is nothing additional thing that you need to do in order to make things better because after adding things your most of the things will be completed in one formula.


Grouping Entire Worksheet on Microsoft Excel

In order to choose multiple worksheets, you need to tap and hold on the Ctrl button and then select the worksheets you want in the group. But if the data is more and choosing every single sheet is taking much time, then you can try one more process.

  • To group a bigger number of the worksheet, firstly you need to “right-tap” on one worksheet.
  • Then choose the “Select All Sheets” option to group the entire number of worksheets together at once.

    Do Ungrouping Of Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

    Grouping of the worksheet and then making changes can really save your time, and after doing changes multiple changes, you can ungroup them in two easy ways.

  • The fastest way to do it is “right-click” on the selected worksheet.
  • After that, you need to choose the option “Ungroup Sheets” to ungroup the entire worksheet.
  • It is the simple method that you can do even if you want to ungroup a large worksheet group or a small worksheet group. It will save your time in grouping because you can click right on any worksheet to choose all worksheets for ungrouping.

    The second method you can try on the worksheet to ungroup is:

  • Press and hold Ctrl on the selected individual worksheet.
  • Now after selecting the worksheets in Microsoft Excel, remove them from the group.
  • With this second you can also ungroup the worksheet and later on your tab will again return in grey background color like it was before.


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