How to Link a YouTube Video on Snapchat

Snapchat is a flexible, fun app that is best utilized for talking with friends. Moreover, it can be used for businesses as well as increasing social media brand. And that’s why several companies, influencers, and celebrities use Snapchat daily. The most important feature of Snapchat is to share videos and links. Though mostly Snapchat users do not use this feature even when it is available since 2017. Keep on reading to learn how to do it.

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Sharing links is such a common feature of various apps and texting platforms. However, it is not used by every user. It is useful as Snaps can be more effective with links to make it more interesting. If you use Snapchat for business, then you must learn to add a link and to make the most of it. If you need to add links to YouTube videos, then you must require 2 processes. Download or update the YouTube as well as Snapchat application. There are Play Store links for YouTube or Snapchat and the App Store links of YouTube as well as Snapchat. As you may install or update applications via offered links, you are ready to begin linking the YouTube videos on Snapchat. The ways that you are about to see works for the links to another site.

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How to Insert Links to Snaps

If you want to add links to snaps, then abide by the given steps:

  • Begin by picking the YouTube video and then copy it.
  • Launch the YT application.
  • Navigate the video that you like to link.
  • Click on the Share under the video and hit the Copy Link option.
  • You may launch a Snapchat app on Android or iOS devices.
  • Take the Snap as you do. Click on the capture button fast for photos and long press for capturing videos. As you complete recording, press the link at the right of the display.
  • You have to permit Snapchat to access to the clipboard by clicking on the Allow option.
  • Add the YouTube link that you have copied earlier. Long click on the search box at the top of the display and then choose Paste option.
  • Click on Attach to Snapchat option underneath the display. Then you will be on the YT link window. As you can return, you will view attached at the bottom.
  • Return to the Snap and Link must be highlighted. Then you will get to know that YT video is successfully linked to the Snap.
  • Tap on Send option at the bottom right to send Snap with followers and friends.
  • As we are discussing YouTube videos here, the procedure is the same for another kind of link.

    How It Seems on Receiving End

    As you have shared the Snap with set in link to YouTube videos, then your friends and followers will be able to access easily. They can see the link underneath the snap or click on More options. If there is no such option available, then they have to swipe up motion, similarly to links on Instagram stories. It will be then visible the link, and they will be able to launch the YouTube clip by clicking on it. We are unable to say which choices will display on accepting screens as it is according to the kind of device the receiver is utilizing. In any case, receivers must get a link and then follow if they will go through the steps mentioned above.

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